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Our Mission

Dalriada (Dal-ree-ah-da) Games is a pioneering independent games company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Here, we share a common ethos that play is as old as life itself, it is so instinctual and natural to us that it can be used for good in ways that is yet to be realised. We believe that the gaming industry can and should be successfully integrated with the Medical and Educational sectors - and exciting new research and content shows that our goals and ambitions have new ways to be realised. 

If you're a gamer, you'll know that games can provide hours of entertainment, propose a moral barometer, create engaging and beautiful worlds and scenarios that create inviolate memories in ourselves or between others. To those who are not particularly interested in the gaming medium, regardless, they can bring issues to a much wider audience in a relevant and memorable way, their development can create unique and fulfilling jobs to passionate new workers or experienced veterans, and they can allow companies to synergise in surprising projects and enterprises.

As a group, we don't shy away from challenges to further our causes and consistently strive to be better, more efficient, and more passionate than before. If you're interested in our unique memorandum, or are just enthused to know more, please feel free to get in contact.

So to recap, our goals are:

  1. To integrate the Games Industry with the Medical and Educational Sectors.
  2. To provide countless hours of entertainment through engaging gameplay.
  3. To provide jobs and opportunity to those who live and breathe passion and digital technology. 

Our Friends

We are so humbled and honoured everytime we're contracted by our clients, already working with some amazing companies, charities and universities to create truly unique and interesting games that promote health, education, and genuinely keep our players engaged.

We choose our clients carefully, as we like to call our clients our friends.

Get Involved

Have a genuine talent? Feel like our ideals match up and you genuinely want to use your skills and talents in game development to make a difference?

Do you have an idea or need to commission a particular product for your brand, charity, or cause? Get in touch!


Gaming is our passion. It's our favoured form of escapism in our spare time and it fuels us to create unique and engaging content in our own games at work. 

We believe a video game envelopes you as you lose yourself in a state of flow like no other experience. If you're a gamer yourself you'll have experienced that feeling of time-loss, where you're so focused on the world you're exploring and the characters you're meeting that you forget everything around you. 

We love this feeling, and we know that not only does this benefit us all mentally, but studies show incredible health benefits from playing video games on a regular basis, and so much more research is yet to be realised.


We aspire to develop for every platform to reach every audience that we can. Our current platforms we are developing on are:
Windows Phone, iOS, Android, PC, Mac

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