Don't Go Bang! - A Unique Real Time Strategy Experience

Don't Go Bang is the first full PC title brought to you by Dalriada Games. In this ambitious real-time strategy experience you assume the control of the UOD (Unstable Ordinance Disposal). A division tasked with the uncovering and defusing of explosives planted by the infamous terrorist cell known as "Fraction". You command an elite team of specialists, each with their own unique skills, abilities, and personalities. You must monitor the maps and gain information from your expert intel team to find bomb locations, and discover Fractions ultimate plans.

You are the last protector of a city strewn by chaos and terror. Don't let 'em down sir.


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Manage your Elite Squad of Specialists

In Don't Go Bang! for PC, every decision matters. The terrorist cell, Fraction, is unforgiving, and it's reflected in the game with permadeath and autosaves to make going back on decisions impossible. You'll have to make difficult choices every day as the Commander of the UOD - but remember your ultimate goal is to protect civilians and to prevent panic and terror.

You can't do it alone. Using your limited funds, you must continually recruit and manage your team of professional bomb disposal experts, teach them to grow their skills, and to monitor channels and the map for suspicious activity.

Find and Eliminate the Fraction threat on the city

Fraction is a terrorist cell whose home is within the city you reside over. They are made up of teams of hackers, bomb makers, and general anarchists who have all come to the conclusion that in order to resolve issues of inequality and overpopulation, a vast majority of the population must be eradicated in order for humanity to continue at a diminished rate.

They see no other alternative, and while they originally set out to disrupt the accumulation of wealth for the richest 1%, they have slowly changed their doctrine to encumber more extremist measures, killing indiscriminately in order to incite fear and ultimately reduce the population down to a fraction of what it once was.

Finding Fraction and Their Threats:

 As your team gather Intel, you'll be able to pinpoint locations of interest, such as where Fractions Members meet, where they assemble bombs, and most immediately pressing, where they have planted a bomb.

The map consists of many districts, each with their own attributes, municipals buildings, functions, and classes. This determines whether or not they are likely to be under immediate threat by Fraction, as the terrorist cell adopts a different tactic every other week to disrupt your operations, and eliminate human life.

For instance, as Fraction was founded upon disrupting the lives of the socially elite, they may initially still target richer districts at first. However, their tactics have grown so indiscriminate over time, that nowhere is safe.

Build your own story

In "DON'T GO BANG!" concerned citizens and members of UOD will email you regularly about the state of the city, and the state of your management skills. This is the primary way you directly build relationships in the game, with each email having multiple responses to cater to your own style of management, and your own intentions for how your relationship develops with that person. There is no "Just Good" or "Just Bad" answer. We want to embrace the grey area of dealing with a complex and frightening scenario. 

As you build relationships, the content of each email differs as every person remembers who you are and what you've said. Choose to be unkind because you don't have the time, and it might come back to bite you later. Equally, be too soft and people might find it acceptable to walk all over you. Remember, YOU are in charge.

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