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Don't Go Bang! - Release Date - TBA

Don't Go Bang is the first full PC title brought to you by Dalriada Games. In this ambitious real-time strategy experience you assume the control of the UOD (Unstable Ordinance Disposal). A division tasked with the uncovering and defusing of explosives planted by the infamous terrorist cell known as "Fraction". You command an elite team of specialists, each with their own unique skills, abilities, and personalities. You must monitor the maps and gain information from your expert intel team to find bomb locations, and discover Fractions ultimate plans.

You are the last protector of a city strewn by chaos and terror. Don't let 'em down sir.

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Tumble Tower - Release Date - TBA

See how you "Stack Up" in this exciting 3-D Endless Puzzle game. Attempt to build your tower higher than anyone has before and reach for the stars, you will be on the edge of your seat as figure out how to achieve a sturdy and well-designed tower. But one wrong move and its Tumble Tower for you! Rated E for everyone.

Follow the Dev Logs!

Keep up to date on the latest news and follow the games development!

Starward - Release Date - 4th May 2016

STARWARD is a 2D physics based strategy/action game where you the player takes control of one of humanity's last hopes for the future. Your job is to reconnoitre and scout the galaxy for habitable planets, find new worlds and assess dangers in space so that humanity can escape the deadly dying Sun at the centre of our solar system.



Purity - noPills Project

Purity was a game commissioned by the noPills project to help raise awareness on the ongoing issue of pollution in the water systems.

Common household pharmaceuticals and prescribed medications are taken by the population, and when these people visit the bathroom they pass the pharmaceuticals through their urine and into the water supply. Although the water supply is treated, they are not treated to the extent that is required and so slowly these harmful pollutants are causing a detrimental effect on the environment.

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